FlyGrow is a lighting system for traditional or hydroponic greenhouse crops which gives you complete control over light and its composition.

The different colour components, which range from far red to blue, can be set, controlled and reset over and over again with photoperiods of 30 minutes minimum to meet the needs of different crops and plant varieties

Changing the composition of light can help speed up or slow down processes such as flowering, and can be combined with other parameters such as humidity and temperature to simulate different seasons

Want to incorporate FlyGrow into the systems you produce?

A 100% customisable lighting solution that can be incorporated into soilless and greenhouse growing systems

- Choose lamps with wavelengths that will enhance the performance of your systems
- Choose the most appropriate solution - either toplighting or interlighting - depending on the crop that will be grown with your system
- Personalise the application which controls the light combinations by adjusting the 4 different colours
- Create optimal light recipes with different light combinations lasting a minimum of 30 minutes, which can easily be customised by users

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Want to use FlyGrow for your crops?

The freedom to change crop without necessarily having to change your system

- Choose between systems for tall (interlighting) or low (toplighting) plants
- Set the four colour variables to control the light combination
- Use the application to programme light recipes with the best colour variations for your crop
-Change all or part of the light recipes to stimulate or slow down growth and flowering or start a new crop.

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Want to use FlyGrow to explore new applications for controlled light?

Controlling the composition of light means creating environments which can stimulate reactions in organisms and ecosystems without chemical interference.

We are looking for public and private partners to study and test new lighting possibilities such as:
- Controlling light to optimise aquatic environments
- Using light to totally or partially replace pesticides and disinfectants
- New lighting solutions for traditional and hydroponic greenhouse crops

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